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We all have a bit of the wild and a bit of the tame in us. One wonderful example of this is the true story of Christian the Lion. WARNING: Get the kleenex!

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At Wild and Tame Wellness and Communications we acknowledge both the spiritual realm and the physical world. This validation assists us to understand why things happen as they do.

Path with treesWe readily share our knowledge of energy healing, reading, telepathic communication, meditation and other spiritually focused approaches with those that seek it.

Our use of affinity, neutrality, communication and the validation of reality makes it easier to accept without judgement and allows for healing or non-healing, whatever the choice may be, as there is always freewill.  


There is no good or bad in wild and/or tame. There simply is the wild and the tame. Both spiritual and physical realms have wild and tame within them. We are spirits with bodies. We also have both wild and tame within us. We can discover and learn to accept, embrace and celebrate all aspects of ourselves. It is through this validation and acceptance that we are able to choose whether we want to enhance and strengthen or diminish and change personal attributes, habits and behaviors.


When we are in balance we are well. When we are out of balance we can find ourselves struggling, unhappy, depleted and ill. Wild and Tame does not replace or discourage anyone's need for medical attention and care, but instead offers psychic readings, energy healings, meditation instruction and other services to assist with your wellness and healing process. 


Everything we do at Wild and Tame involves some aspect of communication. Whether we are telepathically communicating with a pet or loved one that has passed on, giving a psychic reading or energy healing, writing a blog entry or teaching meditation; it is all about communicating!  

At Wild and Tame we use many avenues to communicate reality with affinity and neutrality. Want to communicate with us? Have a question or comment to share? Email sindi@wildtame.com or call 619-384-0761.

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